Mop Disc Priest Guide

wow disc priest guideThe ultimate mop disc priest guide is finally here. MOP PvE, PvP, and tons of other nasty acronyms to look like a geek. Anyway… after this guide you can finally best the best Priest in the World (of Warcraft that is).

Making sure you get what you need…

Are you fine tuning your skills, leveling a new toon, or considering entering the World of Warcraft as this bubbled crusader? Well, we are here to help and where there is something missing… add a comment below or post on the forum.

Mop Disc Priest Builds

cascadeFirst of all, a good build equals good Talents and Glyphs There are a variety of play styles and scenarios so we have dedicated a place for that in the Disc Priest Talents where we cover everything. More specifically, all the builds for PvE and PvP including Disc, Holy, Shadow and all the scenarios including arena, battlegrounds, dungeons, and raid builds. Not only that, Disc Priest Spec also contains the related Glyphs.

Mop Disc Priest Rotations

priest rotationsWell, there is no such thing as a rotation but there is the idea of a priority. Along with a set priority, there are certain spells and combinations that work well in certain scenarios.  These rotations or priorities are covered in detail in the Disc Priest Rotations and Priorities section.


Mop Disc Priest Enchants

mop enchantingUnder this lovely section we explore the basics and determine why each Enchant is the correct one. But to “teach a man to fish” you will never need to go researching Enchants either. We have all that covered in the Disc Priest Enchants and Disc Priest Gems Section.


Mop Disc Priest Gems

crimson spinelFor Mop Disc Priest Gems we explore the basics and determine why each Gem is the correct one. We display the prefixes so you always know what is the best Gem. We also show when it is okay to socket a gem and not match the colors of the socket. All that is covered in the Disc Priest Enchants and Disc Priest Gems Section.


Mop Disc Priest Macros

cascadeMoving your game play to the highest level is achieved with automation. We mean clicky clicky with some fancy scripts will do a dps chart or an hps meter good. Impress your friends with some code lovin’ at the Disc Priest Macros section.


Mop Disc Priest Mods

disc priest mods

Basic UI’s in Wow are great but fancy UI’s that are conducive to a faster response and give the details necessary at your chosen viewing range are better. It is like having the all-seeing eye. What mods really improve your game and what mods just slow down your play? We have a section for that to: Welcome to the Disc Priest Mods compendium.

Are We Missing Something?

You should have clicked one of the links above; however, you are reading this because something is missing. Please post a comment below or post something in the forum. There are some sweet heals in there no matter what kind of ailment you have.

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